The Vegan Cook's Bible

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The Vegan Cook's Bible


The Vegan Cook's Bible allows you to discover the delicious delights of a vegan diet. 

Pat Crocker's recipes capture the natural flavors at the very core of plant-based foods. This collection proves that a vegan diet can be rich, varied and delicious, responding to modern, sophisticated palates. 

Using a rainbow of natural whole foods, these 250 recipes offer a wide range of combinations and a host of ideas for preparation. Some of the featured recipes are: 


  • Sweet potato wild rice cakes accompanied by braised greens with cherries and pine nuts
  • Gingered carrot and turnip puree
  • Green bean, pecan and pomegranate salad
  • Pan-seared artichokes with pomegranate molasses
  • Mushroom-stuffed fennel and red peppers
  • Rice with red curry cauliflower.
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